Autumn at Leonardslee

As the summer draws to a close, Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens takes on a whole new guise and the gardens are as beautiful as ever.

Leaves start to turn into a myriad of Autumn colours and create incredible reflections in the lakes and around the gardens.

Hundreds of varieties of trees can be found throughout Leonardslee and their bark looks stunning in this season, contrasted against the backdrop of changing colours.  

Throughout the autumn months of September, October and November, many of the woodland fungi have fruiting bodies visible on trees and in the leaf litter.

Step inside and discover the famous ‘Beyond the Dolls’ House’ exhibition this Autumn.

Created by Helen Holland in 1:12 scale, the extensive exhibition has captivated visitors young and old. This extensive collection shows cases rural scenes of an Edwardian country estate. Don’t miss out on seeing the greengrocer, post office, church and school while characters act out day-to-day activities.