Commercial Filming & Photography

Please Note: Filming, photography and audio recording for commercial purposes at Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens requires permission from the estate before it can go ahead and in most cases will incur a fee

Pre-application advice: please contact us for further information on film/photo rates and access to the estate

Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens is a stunning setting for filming and photo shoots. A wide range of breathtaking views offers an ideal backdrop, available throughout the year. The Italianate 19th century Mansion House is also open as a venue.

We are just 90 minutes journey time from central London - an hour by train.

All crews are supervised by a member of our staff at all times during filming and photography because this is a major public attraction, with responsibilities to our visitors and environmental protection.

This ensures that the gardens and estate are used responsibly. It also provides logistical support for crews on site in the provision of power and other services. The gardens are Grade I Listed, and we ask all crews to be respectful of the estate property and flora and fauna, and that all operations on-site are carried out with consideration and sensitivity to the special characteristics of the gardens.

Views, Settings

The 240-acre estate offers a variety of settings for filming. The woodland gardens are especially dramatic, set in a steep valley, with tall trees, a series of large ponds, dense shrubbery, and narrow pathways - as well as parkland and open spaces.

The gardens have been used as a setting for films set in the Himalayan mountains. There are magnificent colourful displays in the Spring and Autumn, with dark, brooding woodlands, and rare and unusual trees and shrubs collected from all over the world in the last 200 years.

Filming Location Fees

Filming and photographic location fees are based on crew size and the duration of the shoot.

Filming, sound recording and photography rates.

Photography Fees

We offer two different types of permits at Leonareslee Lakes & Gardens:

1. Student/ artist

2. Wedding or other event booked at Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

There is no charge for photography associated with events that are booked and paid for at Leonardslee, at the discretion of Leonardslee management. The fee for a student/ artist permit is £50+VAT.

A permit allows you to shoot at Leonardslee during the gardens opening hours on a pre-arranged date. The permit does not include access to the Gardens, and all visitors must pay the entrance fee on arrival.

Check ticket prices

Note the following rules apply to the photography permit:

  • The permit is permission for the private use of images only. It does not give permission for the sale of images of the buildings or other views of Leonardslee

  • The permit grants access to the outdoor Gardens for your photo shoot only. It does not permit you to shoot within any of the glasshouses or buildings

  • No lighting equipment is allowed to be used on site including separate flash units and power leads

  • No onsite facilities in the gardens for hair and makeup - this must be done before you enter the Gardens

  • All equipment must be kept away from paths

  • Garden visitors must not be obstructed

  • Leonardslee reserves the right for our staff to check Photographic Permits to ensure that they are correct

  • If you are unable to visit the Gardens on the date your permit states, we are able to reschedule your permit date once if you contact us 48 hours or more in advance

If you would like to purchase a photography permit please call the sales office. You must purchase the permit at least 48 hours before you wish to film at the Gardens; they can only be purchased Monday to Friday. You cannot purchase it on the day at the gates.

Filming, sound recording and photography rates.