Leonardslee: A Work in Progress

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So, what has our incredible team been up to recently? The teams of builders, electricians, gardeners, landscape specialists, greenhouse renovators and others?

Adam Streeter, General Manager, gives us an update.

“Well it certainly is a labour of love.

As reported elsewhere, Leonardslee is the biggest garden restoration scheme in the UK for nearly 30 years. It involves checking and recording some 10,000 trees as well inspection and repairs to 10 miles of pathways. This work has been essential for us to comply with current regulations and health and safety standards.

So here is a very brief summary of what we are doing - better still, come and see it all for yourself from April 6th.

  • A major new Car Park is underway. Drainage is being put in, along with thousands of tonnes of aggregate to make a firm base.

  • A new bridge is under construction to replace an existing one that was sinking away, over one of the lakes.

  • Pathways are receiving treatment to make access in and out of the gardens easier and safer for visitors. Also we are replacing may sets of steps throughout the estate along with new handrails.

  • Two lakes have been dredged, as they were almost completely covered with weeds and algae - much to the joy of our giant carp.

  • Shop fitting is taking place in the gift shop and Crystal Palace. We are now carefully sourcing and selecting some lovely mementos to stock.

  • A new substation is being installed to replace the unsightly overhead power cables that have featured. This is because the cables represented a potential hazard and we did not have enough power coming into the estate.

  • Final electrical work is taking place in the Dolls’ House exhibition to ensure everything is working properly - lights are on, fans are turning and all the other activity is continuing, as the original designer planned.

  • New benches are being constructed from recycled wood on the estate. We are positioning the around the gardens to ensure some lovely views, where walkers can pause and catch a breath.

That’s it in brief - do come and see for yourself!“

Adam Streeter, General Manager

Emily Grey