The Leonardslee Gruffalo Travels the World

Gruffalo St. Vincent
Gruffalo Kalk Bay Leonardslee

Cape Town and the Caribbean are already two of the destinations that the Leonardslee Gruffalo has visited since January 10th. That was was when Global Gruffalo was launched at Leonardslee Lakes and Gardens.

The international project celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Gruffalo children’s books and the works of Horsham District resident, and patron of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, author Julia Donaldson CBE.

The Leonardslee Gruffalo is travelling the globe for one year, changing companions every few days. Gruff has a backpack with the story so new friends will know what to do. Each is encouraged to have a photo taken with the Gruffalo and upload it to @GlobalGruffalo on Twitter or to the website. So that children and others can follow the journeys around the world by visiting

The Gruffalo is now in South Africa visiting Cape Town and the Streeter family’s wine estate at Benguela Cove. The Gruff seems to make friends wherever Gruff goes!

Gruffalo Caribbean 3
Gruffalo en route Cape Town.jpeg
Emily Grey