Dolls’ House Museum

A Magical World In Miniature Awaits You At The Famous “Beyond The Dolls’ House” Exhibition

This extensive collection depicts the Edwardian estate and neighbouring villages at 1:12 scale, with landscapes and characters acting out day-to-day activities. Exquisite in detail and accuracy, a six-foot-tall person is recreated as six inches in height.

It was created by Helen Holland in 1998 and was recently restored. Helen began her work with a greenhouse and potting shed; visitors fell in love with her displays, and she went on to create a market town complete with an emporium, greengrocer, butcher shop, post office, laundry, wheelwright, carpenter and cabinet maker, church, pub, and school.

An estate took shape in the form of a mansion, entrance lodge, farm buildings, granary, farm garden, topiary garden, kitchen garden, gardener’s cottage, walled garden, stable yard, keeper’s cottage, and stable yard.

Visitors of all ages are fascinated both with the wealth of detail in the displays and the outstanding level of craftsmanship involved in their creation.

You can find this famous exhibition located in the main courtyard.