Leonardslee provides a peaceful and unspoiled environment where nature thrives. The estate is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife including foxes, rabbits, grey squirrels, badgers, weasels, stoats, shrews, voles, and our now famous wallabies. Green woodpeckers are often spotted, while herons enjoy the shallow lakeside water where carp feed on the surface. Birds regularly sighted include the kingfisher, wild mandarin ducks, nuthatches, and treecreepers. Leonardslee has an extensive deer park which is home to over 100 free roaming deer; there are three varieties: Sika, Axis and Fallow.

The Leonardslee wallabies were introduced by naturalist Sir Edmund Loder in 1889, and are believed to be Bennett Wallabies from Tasmania, Australia, which are winter-hardy, with a thick winter coat.   

Our wallabies are free roaming and the breeding season is in January and February. You can visit the wallaby enclosure which is specifically for breeding pairs; but please do not disturb the mothers or young joeys!