Winter at Leonardslee

Join us for the season of wonderment as Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens becomes a winter wonderland during December, January and February. While the gardens step into a deep sleep, the deciduous trees take on a majestic appearance and the gardens become very peaceful.

On dry, frosty mornings, visitors and photographers are invited to view the magical early mist over the lakes. The mist, pierced by sunlight through the surrounding trees, creates a mesmerising theatre as the light changes throughout the day.

Many unusual migrant birds come to shelter and feed on the berries at Leonardslee in the winter. With a variety of active smaller birds which go round the garden in small flocks.

This is a great time to identify birds as they can be clearly spotted among the bare trees and beautiful frost-covered landscape.

Whatever the weather, you will find many adventures and things to see and do at Leonardslee Gardens during the winter months.

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